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  • How old do you have to be to rent a boat?
    The minumum age requirment for renting our boats is set at 21 years of age, with prior boating experience.
  • What is the youngest passenger allowed on board?
    We have life jackets that can only support a small child ages 3-5, any children younger than this will require renters to bring their own life jacket for their child.
  • Can I smoke vape on the boat?
    Any electonic smoking device is allowed on board, however any marks from spilled e-juice will result in a cleaning fee coming out of the deposit. Please ensure you are always following E-cig battery safety guidelines.
  • Whats the maximum number of passengers allowed on board?
    The maximun number of passengers allowed is 10 passengers.
  • Can I smoke cigarettes on the boat?
    Smoking cigarettes is strictly prohibited on our boat. This is detailed in the terms and conditions on BoatSetter. Smoking cigarettes will void your deposit and you will be responsible for a cleaning fee.
  • Can I consume alcohol on the boat?
    You can drink alcohol on the boat; however, please ensure that you are of legal drinking age (21+). Please use caution while drinking any beverage inside the boat, as spillage will lead to a cleaning fee if stains occur.
  • Who can drive the boat?
    The person who is renting the boat is required to be the captain; no one else is allowed to drive the boat. If you need a captain you can select to hire one on BoatSetter.
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